About Us

Fulg Media is a production company established in 2014 with a simple, but powerful mission: to create magic.

Our commisioned works include companies such as Kaufland, Ikea, L’Oreal, CocaCola HBC, Hochland, Enterprise, Uber and more.

Our team also directed, shot and edited tv series for major Romanian tv stations like Antena Group and the National Romanian Television.

We believe in the transformative power of cinema, its ability to transport us, inspire us, and make life feel just a little bit better. Through compelling storytelling across genres, we strive to craft films that resonate with audiences, leaving them uplifted and empowered long after the credits roll.

We are also passionate about fostering collaboration across borders, actively seeking out talented partners to expand our creative horizons.

Our current narrative projects consist of a feature film (a coming of age highschool story) and a feature documentary (that follows a blind athlete on his path to the 2026 Winter Olympics). Beside these two projects, we have a couple of scripts in development.

Our team

Tudor Petremarin

film director & producer

Tudor is a Romanian filmmaker, whose passion for movie-magic started in high school and has never left him since. His university short-films were selected in local and international film festivals (Hollyshorts IFF, Los Angeles I.F.F., Vancouver I.F.F., New York City I.F.F.). For the last decade he has worked on various Romanian tv shows and series, commercials and music videos. His last project is the feature film ”Highschool Thieves” – a coming of age story about four teenagers who want to steal and sell the national baccalaureate subjects.

Alex Brendea

film director & cinematographer

Alex has wide experience as cinematographer for a number of feature films, both documentaries and fiction: “Nasty” for HBO max, “Year of the dragon” produced for HBO Romania, “The King’s War” for History Channel, “Off the beaten track” a co-production between Mobra Films and Ikandi Ireland, and the indie fiction “Once upon a time”. “Teach’” was his directorial debut and was awarded with Best Romanian Documentary at Astra Film Festival and Between the Seas Award at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Ligia Ciornei

film producer & director

Ligia Ciornei is a Romanian interdisciplinary artist, screenwriter, film director, and producer. As a film producer, she crafts compelling stories that bridge cultures. With films like “Clouds of Chernobyl”, “Somewhere in Moldavia”, “Vintage” and the innovative short film in virtual reality “Dr. TEX – VR 360”, her films resonate internationally. Distributed on platforms like HBO MAX, Tubi, Vudu, and Amazon Prime, Ligia’s productions challenge conventions and foster cross-cultural connections in independent cinema.